Johnsye White Interior Design was one of the featured designers for G & L Marble. Their website is From an interview with G & L Marble:

When asked why she selects natural stone for clients, designer Johnsye White explains, "I am a traditionalist when it comes to products I use and specify, and natural stone is an original piece of art. When I go to select granite or marble for a client, it is like going to an art gallery." One of her clients agrees, "When I saw that this was natural, and no two pieces would be exactly the same, there was no question we would choose stone. If I could hang it on the wall, I would."

Helping clients to articulate their interests and values can be the most challenging part of the job, but it is an essential part of creating a home that is true to them. Once the space is complete and it reflects the personalities and tastes of the client, it is very rewarding. "My work is incredibly fulfilling, because it is collaborative (I am able to work with a client from the beginning to the end) and enduring (I help to create a home that they will enjoy for many years to come)." When asked what aspect of the home people tend to overlook, White responds, "I find that one of the areas of the home that is often ignored is the ceiling. It is one of the largest areas in a room and make such a great palette to apply wallpaper, paint, or tile to create a wonderful environment!"


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